Exhibitors scope

Lithium battery exhibition area

Power batteries: various types of lithium ion batteries, polymer lithium batteries, power batteries, 3C digital batteries, solid state batteries, various types of square, cylindrical, soft packed lithium ion power batteries, cells, modules and PACK, solid state batteries, supercapacitors, sodium batteries, air batteries and power battery cascade utilization, recycling and disassembly technology, battery storage and logistics equipment and service providers, battery recycling, etc


Energy storage technology exhibition area

Energy storage batteries: nickel hydrogen batteries, portable energy storage, lithium ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries, lead-acid batteries, smart batteries, sodium batteries, sodium sulfur batteries, supercapacitors, renewable fuel cells, liquid flow batteries, etc;


Lithium battery materials exhibition area

Lithium battery materials include positive electrode materials, negative electrode materials, electrolyte and additives, conductive materials, battery separators, aluminum plastic films, protective films, copper foils, aluminum foils, tape, sealant, thermal insulation materials, material processing equipment, analysis and testing instruments;

Graphene, nano materials, graphene preparation technology and equipment, instruments, etc; Battery shell, lug, cap, bracket, connector, nickel strip, harness, charger, spare parts processing equipment, etc;


Lithium battery equipment exhibition area

Grinding, mixing, coating, roll pairing, slitting, production, winding, assembly, baking, shell entry, dehumidification, liquid injection, sealing, welding, formation, etc. for lithium batteries, as well as intelligent module lines for lithium batteries, PACK sorting, machine vision, spot welding, coating, grading, assembly, testing, packaging, environmental protection equipment, special storage, warehousing and transportation equipment, etc.


Hydrogen energy and hydrogen fuel cell exhibition area

Hydrogen preparation, storage and safety detection technology and equipment, hydrogenation station equipment, etc; Various fuel cell and system applications, fuel cell vehicles; Fuel cell materials, supporting devices/systems, production and processing equipment, testing and analysis technology and equipment.


Exhibition area for power exchange and charging facilities

Power exchange technical equipment: commercial vehicle/private vehicle/low-speed electric vehicle power exchange station, power exchange technology and equipment, power exchange cabinet, power exchange battery pack, power exchange shell, power exchange module, power exchange bracket, power exchange robot, visual inspection system, and other supporting equipment and systems.


Charging facilities:

 construction and operation of charging pile and supporting devices, charger and power supply system, charging pile (station), etc;


Energy storage system and solution exhibition area

New energy storage cabinet, container energy storage power station system, outdoor mobile energy storage power supply, off grid/grid connected energy storage system, base station energy storage, micro grid, distributed energy, EMS, BMS, energy storage inverter, energy internet technology, UPS system, photovoltaic energy storage system, optical storage and charging integrated system, embedded energy storage, flywheel energy storage, pumped energy storage, etc;


Intelligent equipment exhibition area

Industrial automation, non-standard automation, industrial robot, machine vision, motion control technology, precision transmission, sensor and control, assembly and transmission equipment, linear guide rail, pneumatic and other products